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2015, lighting tradition will be subverted

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-25
Dr. Pan Wenbo, chairman of Guangya group, 2015 that the LED application market will enter a heating channel with the waste heat of 2014 and the new east wind. 2014 is an important year for LED industry reform. Throughout the whole industry chain of the upstream, midstream and downstream, the financial tension of the industry is still continuing, mergers and reorganizations are on the stage, new shuffling happens from time to time, and the concentration of the industry is getting higher and higher, new large-scale changes may be triggered at any time. At present, there are still more than 20000 LED lighting enterprises in China, which is expected to be reduced to about 10000 in year 35. China is a large application market for LED lighting products, in the future year 35, the competition in China's LED lighting market will be more intense. With the continuous improvement of LED performance and the continuous decline of manufacturing costs, as well as the continuous improvement of industry-related application environment and policy environment, the application scope of LED coverage will be further expanded, LED lighting market demand will have a significant rebound in 2015. But inevitably, the LED industry is entering a low-profit era. In the face of industry changes, many companies have no direction, just crossing the river by feeling the stones and looking for a new way out. In fact, it is a very good way for enterprises to change their ideas and obtain funds or even indirectly list through mergers and acquisitions. Restructuring and integration is the general trend. In 2015, the price of LED lighting products will become more and more civilian, and the penetration rate of LED lighting will continue to increase. LED manufacturers should not only obtain cost advantages through economies of scale, at the same time, we must take the road of brand management, multi-channel development and core technology competition. In 2015, the development of LED intelligence will accelerate the pace of popularization, and technology will become the lifeblood of enterprise development. The vast majority of enterprises that do not have their own core technologies and stay in the low-end assembly technology will lose their market competitiveness. LED vertical e-commerce will emerge in 2015. 2014 lighting e-commerce sales accounted for all pathway sales of proportion may only 10 but is expected in the three, five years later e-commerce will become lighting products sales of big channel, moreover, e-commerce is not only limited to popular and standard lighting products, nor is it limited to the consumer Terminal Market. Professional and customized lighting e-commerce will subvert traditional consumption habits, e-commerce channels based on the whole industry chain will also subvert traditional marketing thinking and open up new survival channels. In such an era of great change, great differentiation and great transition, enterprises need to have an open mind and keen insight in order to open up a new situation in the LED industry.
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