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2015 autumn LED street light price discount promotion query

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-24
In September 2015, the golden autumn is coming. As the so-called golden nine and silver ten, the price of LED street lamps has also come to a season of small profits but quick turnover. Often from September to the end of each year, it is the peak season for the LED street lamp industry, and the price of LED street lamps also undergoes some changes in these months. Then, Zhongshan LED street lamp manufacturer, LED street lamp manufacturer with 15 years of industry experience, solar lamp factory lighting, also started the autumn LED street lamp price discount activity, preferential promotion inquiries, you can consult customer service online, or directly call the solar lamp factory lighting national hotline: 400 0760 286, understand the price discount rate of LED street lamps, and get the real LED street lamp quotation table. This time, the preferential rate of solar lamp factory lighting is not inferior to the past. It is good that September is also the month when the solar lamp factory lighting and the International Street Light City are opened. The opening of the marketing center has a very large discount for new and old customers. Basically, the profits are handed over to the purchasers of LED street light projects and municipal street light projects. Therefore, this year’s autumn procurement festival, solar light factory lighting is sufficient Preparation, whether it is production capacity or engineering installation services. The price of LED street lights will be discounted to different degrees according to the specific product type. The purchase quantity is used as the preferential level. The more one-time purchases, the greater the discount. In addition, the price of solar street lights will also have a very large discount. If street lighting engineers are interested in this, they can consult our online customer service online on the one hand, and on the other hand, they can directly negotiate with the solar lamp factory lighting LED street lamp manufacturer or marketing center. Welcome new and old customers. Autumn discount, what are you waiting for?
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