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2014LED lighting market 'money' Jing Guangming

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-06
2013 China semiconductor lighting industry overall pick up with overall scale to 257. 6 billion yuan is 2012 growth 34 and LED general lighting market strong start become big of driving force. According to the agency survey, the output of LED lighting lamps in China exceeds 8. 5%. 0. 1 billion, domestic sales of 0. 4 billion, LED lamps market penetration rate reached 8. 9. The export volume doubled from 2012 to 4. 5%. 0. 1 billion. Exports also increased 5. 5 billion from 2012 to US $. In 2014, China's LED industry will continue its upward trend in 2013 and continue to maintain high-speed growth, with an expected growth rate of about 40. Many research institutions are optimistic about the demand for LED lighting. Foreign UBS Securities predicts that the demand for LED lighting will increase by in 2014, with household lighting growing. Several good news undoubtedly injected a boost into the development of LED enterprises in 2014: Incandescent lamps will withdraw from the U. S. market in January 1, 2014, inefficient incandescent lamps will withdraw from the U. S. market in an all-round way, and 40-watt and 60-watt incandescent lamps will eventually stop production. To some extent, this is equivalent to the government's involvement in the lighting market, ending incandescent lamps before they are eliminated by consumers. Many countries and area also have been introduced comprehensive out incandescent lamp of policy regulations EU, Japanese is equal to 2012 comprehensive ban 'with incandescent lamp American, Canada and from 2012-Phase out most incandescent lamps in 2014. China released the 'road map for China to phase out incandescent lamps' in November 2011. It is expected that incandescent lamps for general lighting will withdraw from the domestic general lighting market after 2016. Judging from China's LED lamp export regions in 2013, the European Union is China's LED lamp export market, accounting for of the total, while North America is China's second market, accounting for more. It can be seen that the withdrawal of incandescent lamps from the market is undoubtedly good news for the development of LED. Retail prices have dropped. According to Huaqiang LED trading center, the distribution center for LED product procurement and trading, the price of T5LED fluorescent tubes is around 30 yuan, which is similar to the market price of ordinary fluorescent tubes. The price of 5W bulb lamps is also generally around 20 yuan, which is further closer to the price of energy-saving lamps. According to relevant data from Jingdong Mall in December 2013, the price difference between Philips LED bulb lamps and Philips energy-saving lamps has doubled, compared with 1. In 2013. The 5-fold spread narrowed further. The price of LED lighting will further decline in 2014 and the price difference with energy-saving lamps will continue to shrink. According to LEDinside, the low selling price of LED bulbs replacing 40W or 60W in many foreign regions is already less than US $10. Even the price is equivalent to that of traditional energy-saving lamps, which obviously stimulates the market demand. LEDinside estimates that the number of LED lighting products shipped in 2014 will reach 13. 0. 2 billion, up from 2013. More people-friendly prices undoubtedly remove major obstacles to the popularization of LED lamps. More and more consumers are aware of energy conservation. Under the current situation that the requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction continue to improve, the recognition and acceptance of LED lighting in hotels, shopping malls and other commercial places are very high. According to Wang Zong, a merchant in Huaqiang LED trading center, Wal-Mart in Hong Kong will carry out lighting renovation for all stores this year, and the LED lamps used will be supplied by him. In the next step, government agencies and office buildings will become the next LED lighting replacement group to follow up. However, the age of the people who buy houses and decorate now gradually transits to the post-80 s and 90 s, and their ideal lamps for home decoration are energy-saving, beautiful, practical and personalized, LED lamps are simple in structure, fine in workmanship and bright in color, and can meet various needs. This part of the population will become a large consumer group of LED lamps, with more and more consumers with energy-saving awareness, and the prospect of LED is immeasurable. The opening day after the Spring Festival is located in Huaqiang North Huaqiang square 5- On the 6th Floor, The Huaqiang LED trading center has a lot of passengers. Some merchants said: I didn't expect to start the day, I took several orders. 2014 is undoubtedly a vast year for LED enterprises.
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