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2014 lighting with LED packaging industry accounted for than more than 3

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-10
In the LED packaging industry in 2014, the proportion of LED for lighting will exceed for the first time, becoming a major application category. Storage ultra said LED in lighting market application growth RAPID 2013 LED in lighting application of output value reached 3. 7 billion beauty yuan accounted for overall LED package output value proportion to 29. Looking forward to 2014, lighting will account for of the total package, making it the highest proportion of all LED applications. He pointed out that due to the rapid growth of the lighting market, the first-line international LED manufacturers have also stepped up the layout of the LED lighting field. Especially in the LED product line, the input of medium power LED and COB products has been increased to provide better cost-effective products for lighting industry. In addition, some LED manufacturers have also entered the downstream LED lighting finished product field, strengthening their competitiveness in the LED lighting market through merger and acquisition channels or strategic alliances. On the road of lighting with fierce competition and no turning back, only by recognizing how much resources and core competitiveness you have can you have a place in this highly homogeneous and competitive battlefield.
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