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2014 Lighting Output value about 685. 4 billion LED era has come

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-08
Photoelectric Association (PIDA) Said that the output value of lighting in 2013 reached about 111. 6 billion US dollars (About 6854. 4. 7 billion yuan) It is estimated that it will grow steadily by 116. 2 billion to US dollars in 2014 (About 713. 7 billion yuan). PIDA pointed out that although the lighting market is still dominated by fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps/other categories (Halogen lamp, HID lamp, metal lamp, etc) It is the mainstream light source, but in essence LED lighting has become the driving force for the growth of output value. PIDA analysis, in 2013, due to the traditional lighting giants Philips, GeneralElectric, AcuityBrands, Zumtobel, CooperLighting and other LED lighting business revenue growth rate of up to 40- 70, and LED component technology manufacturer CREE has entered LED lighting terminal application products on a large scale, with a growth rate of nearly. Driven by these high-growth companies, the output value of LED lighting in 2013 is about 18. 8 billion US dollars (About 1154. 6. 3 billion yuan)The growth rate is as high as 42; At the same time also drive LED Lighting Output value permeability nearly 17,2014 years is expected to more than 20. It is understood that the top ten lighting revenue manufacturers in 2013 (Including LED lighting revenue) The total revenue accounts for about 28 of the total value of the lighting market, and the industrial concentration is not high; PIDA believes that this means that lighting is still a quite decentralized industry with strong regional or local characteristics. However, the total revenue of the top ten LED lighting manufacturers in 2013 accounted for about of the lighting market, and the industrial concentration was relatively much higher. Although the LED lighting industry was in a low oligopoly state, it still does not belong to monopoly or oligopolistic industries, but the industrial concentration continues to rise. PIDA said that U. S. companies with slower conversion from traditional lighting to LED lighting, as well as regional brands and contract manufacturers in mainland China, which are key cities in lamp production, are expected to continue to develop in 2014, and then push up the popularity of LED lighting products, and the LED lighting era has indeed come.
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