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2014 LED lighting market will than the previous year of 80

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-29
The LED lighting market will increase by 2014 over the previous year in 2014, and is considered to be the outbreak year of the LED lighting market. 2013 is a year of recovery for LED industry and a year of consumption of production capacity. Experts believe that the LED industry will get out of the problem of overcapacity in 2014 and will restart equipment investment and expand production capacity. According to the quarterly forecast report of the international semiconductor equipment and materials organization, investment in LED wafer manufacturing equipment will rise 17 to 1. 2 billion US dollars by next year after experiencing continuous decline. The rapid development of the LED lighting market, on the one hand, is that technological progress has LED to a lower price of LED lighting products, thus promoting market acceptance; On the other hand, environmental pollution has become increasingly serious in recent years. As a major energy-saving and emission-reduction project in our country, LED lighting industry has opened up the indoor lighting market after vigorous promotion. At the same time, LED backlight technology has been widely used, the actual market demand is really higher.
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