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2014 LED industry will From dilemma five large enterprises synchronous watch

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-01
Ye Yinfu, chairman of Yiguang, Li Bingjie, chairman of Jingdian, Wu Qinghui, chairman of Dongbei, Jian fengren, chairman of Nongyuan, and Li Shiyi, managing director of CREE Hong Kong in the United States, are all optimistic about the prosperity of the LED industry next year, as soon as Li Bingjie changed his conservative attitude, he expected LED to get out of the dilemma of oversupply. In recent years, Taiwan's LED factories have suffered from the large-scale support of the mainland. After oversupply, decline in gross profit margin, and loss of operation, with the suspension of subsidies from the mainland, countries have begun to ban incandescent lamps to stimulate LED lighting business opportunities, the industry has gradually turned negative and climbed from the bottom. LED leijing leader Dong Zuo Li Bingjie originally held a conservative view of the industry this year and has recently turned optimistic. Li Bingjie pointed out that the recent rush of crystal power is expected to bring an early balance between supply and demand in the market. The industry will turn for the better next year and the profits of manufacturers are expected to grow in 2015. Li Shiyi, managing director of Cree Hong Kong, a leading LED lighting company, believes that the application and demand of LED lighting are too wide and the scale is beyond the past LED application and market imagination. Ye Yinfu, the godfather of LED, said that with the price of LED lighting becoming more popular, the demand for LED lighting will grow next year, and the proportion of revenue of 100 million light lighting will surpass that of backlight for the first time.
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