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2014 incandescent abdication LED lighting will rise

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-08
Led lighting has come all the way in 2013. Looking back, its growth process has both gains and setbacks. As the saying goes, how can we see rainbows without experiencing wind and rain? The growth of led industry has experienced enough tempering and is maturing. So, 2014 is a new year and a new beginning. How should led lighting go on? However, we are closely related to led lighting: How should entrepreneurs, other employees and the media strategize to promote the healthy development of led lighting? The author thought about it, I wonder if everyone agrees? 2014 incandescent lamp abdication LED lighting took advantage of the situation. According to new news from abroad, manufacturers of 40-watt and 60-watt incandescent lamps that American families like to use announced that, the production and supply of incandescent lamps will be stopped from the beginning of the new year in 2014. The elimination of incandescent lamps naturally requires new members. It is said that the controversial law aims to promote energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps, LED lamps and other bulbs with higher energy efficiency ratios. This move by the United States is likely to form a butterfly effect. China, South Korea, Australia and other countries will also completely ban incandescent lamps, extending the application scope of LED lamps from the existing industrial field to residential indoor lighting. Another group of data shows that in 2013, China's home lighting market reached 5941 US dollars, up 814, of which LED home lighting market reached US dollars, up, accounting. Nowadays, the opening of the demand for home lighting market is undoubtedly good news for domestic enterprises entering the led market in the United States. Based on the above two points, in 2014, the market potential of led lighting at home and abroad is great. Intelligent lighting good partner LED lights full of charm LED lights have the following advantages: LED brightness and light color adjustable, can meet the color atmosphere of interior decoration, in the development of scene lighting market, it has incomparable advantages over traditional light sources. Second, LED is easy to carry out dynamic control, cluster control can be designed according to the needs of users, and a series of solutions can be provided in some occasions requiring programming ability, it provides convenience for intelligent management of indoor lighting. Third, the LED is small in size and more decorative. Through the design of the lamp tube, it can be organically integrated with the building to achieve the effect of seeing the light without seeing the lamp tube. Fourth, LED has long service life and does not contain mercury, which meets the national policy requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction. According to the product characteristics of LED, it is suitable for indoor lighting. The reason for this is that led has better stability and reliability besides energy saving. Compared with outdoor lighting, LED has a larger development space in indoor lighting and is more suitable for the characteristics of the product itself. With the reduction of price, technological progress and maturity of the product, LED is expected to enter the field of indoor general lighting on a large scale in about 3 years. With the steady increase of the market share of LED lighting, the market scale of LED lighting will reach of the indoor lighting market within 3 years. LED lamps will surely be combined with smart home to smart lighting. What is smart lighting? It refers to a distributed wireless telemetry, remote control and remote communication system composed of computers, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power carrier communication technology, computer intelligent information processing, energy-saving electrical control and other technologies, to realize the intelligent control of lighting equipment. This kind of system has the functions of light brightness adjustment, light soft start, timing control, scene setting and the like, and can achieve the characteristics of safety, energy saving, comfort and high efficiency. Therefore, according to the characteristics of LED lamp products, it becomes intelligent lighting.
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