2014 import and export characteristics of Qingdao mechanical and electrical products

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-08
According to the municipal bureau of commerce, in 2014, Qingdao's import and export of mechanical and electrical products achieved rapid growth, with import and export, export and import increasing by 17. 9, 17. 7/and 18. 3. Exports of mechanical and electrical products accounted for 39 of the city's foreign trade exports. Electromechanical Products Import and Export main present the following characteristics: general trade import and export growth higher than that of processing trade. The city's general trade in mechanical and electrical products increased 17. 5% year on year. 4. Import and export of processing trade increased by 14. 3; Exports to traditional markets continue to grow. Exports to traditional markets such as the United States, the European Union, South Korea and Japan have boosted exports of mechanical and electrical products by 13 percentage points. The United States and the European Union have become important markets for Qingdao's mechanical and electrical products exports, accounting for 37. 5% in total. 2; The key monitoring of commodity import and export growth has obvious pulling effect. Exports of washing machines, telephones, televisions, automatic data processing equipment, wires and cables, ships, auto parts and other commodities showed double-digit growth, driving exports of mechanical and electrical products to increase by 8. 5%. 7 percentage points. Imports of liquid crystal display panels, integrated circuits, measuring and testing instruments and appliances, capacitors, variable voltage rectifier inductors and parts, aircraft and other commodities increased significantly, driving the import of mechanical and electrical products by 10. 7 percentage points.
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