2014 Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan International LED Collaborative Innovation Summit Forum held-AL

2014 Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan International LED Collaborative Innovation Summit Forum held

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-08
The era of LED value chain has come. How to promote industrial development is currently a topic of discussion in the LED industry. To this end, the LED industry conference will gather LED Giants to discuss development plans and the anti-war direction of technology and industry. With the increasingly tense energy problem, the development of LED industry has become the focus of energy conservation and emission reduction in various countries. With the development of LED technology and the reduction of price, the penetration rate of LED lighting market is gradually increasing. LED lighting is moving towards the stage of industrial integration. The original and simple era of low-price competition will never return, the LED value chain era of value system against value system will come. June 10- On the 11th, sponsored by Guangdong semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center, Guangdong semiconductor light source Industry Association, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, Hong Kong ASTRI, Hong Kong Semiconductor Lighting Industry Alliance, Taiwan optoelectronic semiconductor industry association and Shenzhen LED industry federation, 2014 guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan International LED Collaborative Innovation Summit Forum and the third LED industry wind cloud list award ceremony will be held in Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou. In recent years, there has been more and more communication and integration between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan. How to use the experience of LED industry development in the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to carry out overall planning and coordination? How to substantially promote the cooperation of LED lighting industry in standards, research and development, patents, etc? Dialogue across cross-Strait three in line with integration cross-Strait three LED industry collaborative platform resources, comprehensive promote cross-Strait three LED Industry Innovation Development of objective, guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan International LED Collaborative Innovation Summit Forum has gradually become a bridge for communication between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 2014, the activity will continue its previous high-standard style and invite industry giants, heavyweight experts and corporate CEOs from mainland China, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan to Guangzhou around the key words of upgrading, integration and innovation, focus on the seamless docking, adjustment and upgrading of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan industries. With the rapid start of the LED terminal application market, the Chinese market has gradually become the main battlefield of the LED war. In the rapidly changing market, how to optimize the enterprise supply chain and improve the overall competitiveness of the supply chain system is particularly important in order to realize the breakthrough of the enterprise. At this conference, Philips, Kerui, Osram, Samsung, Jingyuan and other international LED Giants will all appear to discuss the development of LED supply chain with domestic LED enterprises. And add more international vision and diversified thinking to this conference. The standard competitive health will move towards 2014. The standard testing forum will further expand its scale and set up top forums on standards and testing, including ZHAGA alliance, standard optical components expert group, benchmarking system expert group and domestic testing institutions, the benchmarking system, standard optical components, ZHAGA standard, etc. are described in detail. With the labeling and sales of LED standard light components, the marketization of LED lighting components has also begun, and lighting components are moving towards national standards. According to the arrangement of this event, the standard light components will compete with the international standard ZHAGA. Can the collision of the two standards help the industry solve the standard problem?
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