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2014 disclosure of new lighting products and solutions

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-08
The four-day Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition ended. This lighting exhibition, which is regarded as a large-scale and forward-looking exhibition, has lifted the mystery of new lighting products and solutions in 2014. Tianbao group made its debut with its independently developed LED lighting products, solar photovoltaic inverter technology and new power supply solutions, fully interpreting the green new energy development concept of driving life, illuminating the world and infinitely inverting. Energy integration lights up a new life of innovation and energy conservation. In this exhibition, Tianbao group takes the concept of energy integration as the theme, displays the group's industrial chains in series, and takes the simulation scene of solar photovoltaic power generation as the source of creativity, relying on high-tech energy-saving and green brands, we will provide customers with one-stop new energy solutions and make unremitting efforts to create a new life of energy conservation and emission reduction. The creativity and new energy concept of the energy integration exhibition area have attracted many spectators to stop and visit, fully demonstrating the strong market attraction in the new energy field. The Tianbao exhibition hall is dominated by red, white and blue. The atmosphere is simple and elegant, but the technology is smart. The TenPao logo on the booth is conspicuous, like Tianbao's innovative breakthrough and pioneering brand charm, it shines with moving light. The design of the entire exhibition hall is unique and novel, conspicuous and eye-catching. Diversified Products green, intelligent new trend Tianbao has become the brand exhibitor of all previous Guangya exhibitions with innovative technology and excellent brand image. This exhibition, tianbao will bring its switching power supply, charger, LED drive power supply, transformer, rectifier, LED lighting, solar inverter and other products to the exhibition. LED lighting products cover street lamps, projection lamps, tunnel lamps, downlights, ceiling lamps and other lamps. At the exhibition, Tianbao has a smart home experience area, a tunnel area, a street light area, a window area and other exhibition areas for different application fields of the products. By integrating the products in the scene, it vividly shows the advantages of LED lighting products such as excellent color rendering, color stability and technological advancement, and brings comfortable, energy-saving and intelligent light environment experience to users. As one of the largest power supply enterprises in Asia, Tianbao's power supply products have also attracted much attention in the industry. The switching power supply products exhibited by Tianbao this time include wall plug-in, desktop and replaceable. The newly launched 3USB charger has a thin body design with a stylish look; 5V3. 4A current output can charge three electronic products at the same time, saving charging time and winning praise from visitors. Tianbao LED driving power supply has won the favor of domestic and foreign merchants with its competitive advantages of ultra-high efficiency, super waterproof and long service life. Only 20mm ultra-thin LED driving power supply independently developed is currently second to none, it further demonstrates Tianbao's strong product development power. Brand Strength creates unlimited development prospects. Tianbao Group has devoted itself to the research and development of power supply technology for more than 30 years and has now focused on the development of three new energy fields: LED lighting, solar energy and electric vehicle charging equipment. At present, tianbao company has more than 200 R & D professionals, has obtained more than 100 registered patents, and is also qualified by the state (CNAS)Laboratory. Relying on Tianbao's strong brand strength, competitive products, industry research and development technology and sincere and thoughtful service, many domestic and foreign businessmen came to the exhibition for on-site consultation. Tianbao's elites always communicate and communicate with visitors with professional quality, full spirit and sincere service. The strong brand awareness and innovative exhibition hall layout have attracted many visitors to the exhibition hall and also made Tianbao brand the focus of media attention. At the exhibition site, Tianbao group received an exclusive interview with a number of industry media, comprehensively talked about Tianbao's product advantages and brand development direction, and further demonstrated Tianbao's unlimited confidence in 2014 and even future development. Looking at the 2014 Guangya Exhibition, Tianbao, whether in the professional technical field or in today's product concept, shines with the light of science and technology and shows Tianbao's strong enterprise strength.
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