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2014 China's semiconductor lighting industry is facing an inflection point

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-09
With the continuous popularization of the concept of green environmental protection, energy conservation and low carbon life, energy conservation and environmental protection products have been paid more and more attention by the society. Green lighting represented by LED has begun to penetrate the traditional market with its outstanding advantages, and set off a new revolution in the field of lighting. However, China's semiconductor lighting industry has become one of the regions with rapid transformation, upgrading and development in the transformation of the lighting industry, and has a development Foundation from large to strong. In 2014, China's semiconductor lighting industry is facing an inflection point of outbreak, with product prices falling continuously, and the terminal market is facing a period of growth opportunities. 2013 China semiconductor lighting industry overall scale to the 257. 6 billion yuan is 2012 of 192 billion yuan growth 34 become 2010 after domestic semiconductor lighting industry development speed faster of year. Among them, the upstream epitaxial chip scale reached 10. 5 billion yuan, the Middle package scale reached 40. 3 billion yuan, and the downstream application scale exceeded 200 billion yuan, reaching 206. 8 billion yuan. At the same time, the development of the lighting industry is mainly affected by many factors such as government policies, manufacturing costs and the purchase intention of end users. According to China's road map for phasing out incandescent lamps, starting from October 1 this year, China will ban the import and sale of incandescent lamps for general lighting of 60W or more. Compared with traditional energy-saving lamps, LED lighting products are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, so LED lamps will have broad market space to replace incandescent lamps. At the same time, the state supports the energy-saving and environmental protection industry. As a strategic emerging industry, LED lamps are more prominent in their energy-saving and environmental protection advantages, and their market prospects are also highly expected by the industry. In 2013, the penetration rate of LED lighting products increased rapidly and the market prosperity increased continuously due to the dual effects of the reduction of light source cost and the promotion of policies. 2013 China domestic LED lighting lamps products yield more than 8. 0. 1 billion, with domestic sales of about 0. 4 billion, and the domestic market penetration rate of LED lamps reached 8. 9, compared with last year's 3. 3 up nearly 5 percentage points, especially in the field of commercial lighting, the growth is more obvious. According to incomplete statistics, the penetration rate of LED lamps in the field of commercial lighting has exceeded 12. From August 2013 to March 2014, Taobao LED bulb lamp prices from 8. 08 yuan/W dropped to 6. 10 yuan/W, a drop of 24. 5. In the past two years, the export price of bulb lamps has dropped by 66, but according to the data, the price drop has slowed down significantly, which has a significant easing effect on the price war, but the price will continue to fall further. In addition, the joint promotion of the ban on incandescent lamps by many countries and a number of energy-saving policies issued by the Chinese government are favorable conditions for the development of LED lighting. In the past ten years, China's output value has grown at an average annual rate of 257. 6 billion yuan in, the initial formation of industrial agglomeration, the four major regions in 2013 LED lighting market started, in the application of output value accounted for more than 1/3. Next, China's LED industry will usher in a golden period of development. On the one hand, due to technological progress and large-scale production, the packaging and application costs of components have dropped rapidly, resulting in the sales price of LED lighting products gradually approaching that of traditional lamps. In addition, according to the US Department of Energy, the cost of LED chips will be reduced by 82 by 2020 compared with 2013, the cost of LED packaging will be reduced by 78, and the cost of 60-watt LED chips will be reduced by 66, the decrease in cost will be one of the main reasons for the increase in penetration rate of LED lighting products. On the other hand, the government's continuous investment in resources and the formulation of relevant policies also promote the development of the market. The 2012 s was the peak period for banning incandescent lamps. For example, South Korea, Japan and other regions entered the stage of total prohibition, in 2014, the European Union, the United States, China and other places will gradually enter the phase of banning mainstream incandescent lamps, which will once again increase the penetration rate of LED lighting. It is estimated that China's semiconductor lighting industry will continue to maintain rapid growth in 2014, with an expected growth rate of about 40. In the epitaxial chip link, with the full launch of the application market, the production capacity accumulated by investment in recent years has been gradually released. The output and output value of epitaxial chips will increase significantly in 2014, and the growth rate of output value is expected to reach about 35. The competition in the packaging industry is more intense, with an expected growth rate of about 20, and more new packaging technologies and processes will compete. However, the evolution of LED packaging technology has always focused on the theme of declining terminal usage costs. In the application process, with the advantage of Made in China, the output value growth rate in 2014 will exceed. In terms of lighting applications, in 2014, with the further implementation of plans to eliminate incandescent lamps in various countries, LED lighting will achieve explosive growth, leading China's LED application market and accelerating penetration, it is estimated that the overall penetration rate of LED lamps is expected to reach 20. Intelligent lighting will follow the construction of smart cities and shine brilliantly. Innovative application products such as wearable electronics, optical communication and plant lighting will become the new favorite in the market. With the beginning of the demand for LED lighting market and the introduction of LED-related policies by the state, the development of the LED industry market will inevitably be accelerated, and China's LED lighting industry will also usher in a golden harvest period at the turning point of the market.
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