2013 Guangdong two types of LED lighting demonstration project subsidy application begins

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-07
Monitoring by the Public Opinion Center of listed companies in China found that Dongguan Daily reported that the application for subsidy for two types of LED lighting demonstration projects in Guangdong province in 2013 had already started, successful LED projects will receive a subsidy of 20 or 30 of the total amount of lamps. This subsidy is for the owner unit or undertaking unit registered in Dongguan, covering two types of projects: provincial LED Green Lighting Demonstration City project (Street lamp)And provincial LED Lighting Demonstration Project (Indoor lighting). The application time is from August 9 to December 31. The provincial financial subsidy funds are prioritized according to the order of application until they are used up. In an interview with the media, the relevant person in charge of Dongguan lighting promotion and application center said: if the project has received financial investment from provinces, cities and other levels, it will be subsidized at of the total price of the project lamps, those who have not received financial investment will be subsidized by 30. According to introduction, the application project must meet strict requirements: First, benchmarking, that is, LED lighting products must pass the testing of Guangdong LED lighting benchmarking system, after the completion of the project, a third-party testing organization must check and evaluate the quality consistency of benchmark products and issue a report; Second, LED public lighting promotion and application projects invested by all levels of finance must be completed in principle within the time required by the relevant documents of the provincial government. Third, the application project must not receive subsidies from other projects. This news may be good for Dongguan LED industry listed companies to go to Optoelectronics.
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