2013 China LED street lamp market scale reached 86. 6. 3 billion yuan

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-07
With government support, high economic growth and frequent construction activities, Asia is currently the main sales area of LED lighting and also the major application area of LED lighting, with a market share of even in 2011. From 2010 since, Asia has been become LED of main production base Japanese, Korea and, China of overall market share to 81. 3. , Asia countries in, Korea growth speed fast 2002 Investment Development LED Industry 2009 create LED backlight LCD TV market after to ensure that grain source positive expansion to 2010 market share has approximation 10. For Japan, which relies on its strong quality and technology development capability, it has always been firmly in the position of LED industry. Data show that 2000 ~ 2005 market share reached 50 more than 2006 ~ In 2010, affected by Taiwan's economies of scale and low-price strategy, coupled with China and South Korea actively leading the market, its market share fell to 41. 5. In 2011, Japan's LED replacement lighting market reached 952 million US dollars, and in 2012, the market reached 1203 million US dollars. Compared with China, Taiwan is 2003 ~ The market share remained at about 20 in 2006, and then increased year by year to 25. In 2010. 3; Mainland China continued to grow slightly, with a market share of only 5. 5% in 2010. However, in terms of LED lighting terminal products in 2013, the project worthy of attention for outdoor lighting lies in the development of LED street lamps. The big difference between this product and general consumer products is that the market size depends on the budgets of various governments. Although the standard specifications of mainland LED street lamps are being formulated and the situation is still heard, it is estimated that the mainland LED street lamp market will exceed 1. 32 million to lamps in 2013 with the support of relevant central to local policies, the proportion will reach 32. Industry insiders expect Asia to remain stable in the LED industry under the background of sustained growth in South Korea and mainland China. With the policy support and promotion of LED lighting by governments of various countries, the promotion and use of LED lighting products has taken the lead in the field of public lighting, especially driving the rapid development of LED street lamp market. According to the analysis data, in 2009, the number of LED street lamps was about 2. 5 million, with a penetration rate of 1. In 4. 5 million, the number of LED street lamps could reach, with a penetration rate of more than 2. The report predicts that the LED street lamp market will show rapid growth after 2010, with a compound growth rate of 97. 2009 from 2013. 75 to 2013 LED street lamp market scale has reached the 21. $5. 9 billion. Affected by relevant policies, China's LED street lamp market will continue to grow, and the scale of China's LED street lamp market is expected to reach 86. By 2013. 6. 3 billion yuan, accounting for about of the market size, has become one of the important LED street lamp markets. Of course, only by grasping the overall development of Asian LED industry can we better grasp the development context of LED industry.
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