2013 China LED industry healthy Development Summit Forum successfully concluded

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-10
Under the guidance of the electronic information Department and the consumer goods industry department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the 6th China LED industry healthy Development Summit Forum jointly sponsored by China semiconductor lighting/LED industry and application alliance and China Electronic Equipment Corporation ended successfully in Shanghai on November 14, 2013. Ministry of consumer goods industry Wang Min Yan director, Li Qiang; Guo Lili of the electronics department; Guan Baiyu, secretary general of China semiconductor lighting/LED industry and application alliance, delivered a speech. After the opening speech of the Forum, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also announced the policies and measures for joint innovation of semiconductor lighting industry, such a policy has undoubtedly given the industry a more relaxed environment for development. Forum Day, chairman of Shanghai lighting Society, National Electric Light source quality supervision and inspection center (Shanghai) Yu Anqi, deputy director and professor-level senior engineer, made a report on 'safety problems existing in LED lamps and relevant standards to be followed' at the forum. Sun Xinghuai, president of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai, he made a report on 'blue light and retinal damage' and made a medical analysis on how the retina will be damaged by blue light in Medical Physiology. In the speech, Dean Sun and the participants on the scene asked questions and answered questions, and the interaction was warm. After that, director Yang Xiaoping of Beijing Electric light source Research Institute made a detailed interpretation of the three standards of the alliance, and answered the on-site representatives about the time and plan for the introduction of the national standard in the future, the enthusiastic response of the majority of LED peers also shows the call for the introduction of the national standard. The second day of the forum, peng Wanhua, consultant of Fujian photoelectric industry association, 'development technology trend of LED substrate, extension and chip' and Gan Zhiyin, general manager of Guangdong Zhaoxin Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. , 'key points in localization of Zhaoxin MOCVD equipment' technology, Fan Bing, Technical Director of Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Research on intellectual property status of semiconductor lighting industry, Huang qiukai, senior Application Manager of silicon Lijie, a new type of self-supply in LED application methods, development of crystal lighting (Xiamen) Dr. Hong Mengyuan's 'low cost LED packaging technology trends for lighting and backlight' and PhilipsLumileds Asia Pacific marketing director Zhou Xuejun's 'no limit for lighting- Re-evolution of LED, Chen Yansheng, secretary general of China lighting appliance association, analysis of lighting industry situation, Diao Yanhua, professor of Beijing University of Technology, and Shanghai Kaixuan Optoelectronics technical manager Huang Jian's 'color difference analysis and solution in LED lighting design' and Zhejiang Zhongzhou deputy general manager Ye Hui's 'combination of LED technology and traditional light source' and 'scientific evaluation of applied lighting power density coefficient' discussion on energy saving effect of LED lighting and other hot technical speeches in 11 industries, it also aroused the interaction between the speaker and the participants on the spot, with some asking questions and some communicating with each other on the spot, raising the atmosphere of the whole forum. More than 300 people from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Shanghai, the National Standardization Management Committee and other relevant experts and representatives of enterprises attended the meeting. At the forum, everyone exchanged views and discussed and studied together. The scene was harmonious and warm, and the meeting was a complete success. On April 2014, the 7th China LED industry healthy Development Summit Forum will soon land in Shenzhen. Welcome to participate in the exchange.
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