2013 autumn and winter four major lamps lighting trends released

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-07
A few days ago, Wan longhuiyang released the fashion trend of lamps and lanterns in autumn and winter 2013. With the display of 10 lamps and lanterns by models, the four popular trends of lust, light chasing, Tibetan show and art pursuit are presented to people. As Beijing (Real Estate) The large-scale professional lighting store, Wanlong Huiyang, has been rearranged in 2013, forming a new pattern of classification by category, gathering hundreds of factory outlets, products cover light sources, home lighting, engineering, outdoor and other fields. Zhang Dabing, general manager of wanlonghuiyang lighting Times Square, said that this time through the research on tens of thousands of lighting products in the field, experts were organized to release the fashion trend of lighting in autumn and winter, which not only provided reference for manufacturers to display and sell products, it can also guide consumers to purchase products. The four popular trends are: lust means preference for colors. Many lamps and lanterns give products a variety of colors, bringing brilliant effects to lamps and lanterns; Chasing Light means pursuing brightness. No matter how the appearance of lamps and lanterns changes, lighting is always its fundamental and main function. As a new type of lighting source, LED realizes high brightness on the basis of low energy consumption and long service life; The Tibetan show is hidden and beautiful. The designers no longer only do superficial articles, but hide the carvings in the material, which looks very three-dimensional; Pursuing art is to pursue art. The innovation of artistic beauty is often the obvious manifestation of the popular trend of lamps and lanterns. Designers have endowed lamps with artistic characteristics so that they are no longer just lighting tools, it is more decorative and even becomes a work of art.
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