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2013 annual growth rate of outdoor LED Lighting Output value 46

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-07
A new market report released by LEDinside, a research department under TrendForce, a market research organization, points out that 2013 ~ In 2015, there will be a trend of LED outdoor lighting replacement, with Asia-Pacific China, Japan and Taiwan as the active ones. With the promotion of policies, the output value of outdoor lighting will reach 2013 US dollars in 2,478, the annual growth rate will reach more than 46. Other emerging market countries, such as Thailand, Russia, Latin America and Africa, will also see a large-scale street lamp change in 2014. Until 2015, the penetration rate of LED street lamps gradually flattened and the growth rate began to decline. The scale of LED street lamp replacement and new LED street lamps will remain at about 10 million lamps/year every year. U. S. and Canadian provinces, such as San Diego, Seattle and Los Angeles, have successively introduced LED street lamp replacement schemes in the second half of 2012, major local factories such as CooperLighting, Cree and GELighting have also announced new product lines to meet different application requirements. European international manufacturers are not too much. Philip has launched CityTouch, which makes it easier for users to monitor all lighting systems in the whole city through the management interface. CityTouch can also monitor and manage the maintenance status of each lighting fixture through real-time status reporting. So far, CityTouch has been widely used by large European lighting operators. 2012 LED outdoor lighting market contrarian growth which, China new street lamp of accounted for three. Subsidies from the government are still the main driving force for growth, especially in the weak export situation, more enterprises are optimistic about China's public lighting energy-saving renovation projects. Because of the fierce competition, LED prices were further lowered in 2012, with shipments concentrated in the hands of enterprises with scale advantages, but there are still many new manufacturers entering this market. LEDinside estimates that with the financial labeling case entering the installation period in 2013, Guangdong's new installed capacity is expected to exceed 300 thousand units this year, becoming a fast-growing regional market for LED outdoor lighting. Taiwan's Energy Bureau has released NT $2 billion to expand the plan to set up LED street lamp energy saving projects, which is expected to be 2013 ~ Replace 250 thousand LED street lamps in 2014. This LED street lamp bidding review adopts a favorable bid, which is conducive to the bidding of chips, LED components, power supplies and radiators from Taiwan manufacturers. LEDinside believes that despite the fierce market price competition in the bid, the manufacturer won the bid at a low price, but after adding maintenance and warranty costs, the winning manufacturer may not be able to make too much profit, but it can bring revenue contribution. Therefore, the successful manufacturers of this bid, such as Guanglin, Yiguang, Delta Electronics and Hexi, will become the main beneficiary manufacturers.
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