2012 forecast of development trend of lighting equipment industry

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-26
Overall trend: according to the forecast, the overall demand of the lighting industry will shrink moderately in 2012. Domestic total demand will shrink by 10- 20, foreign total demand will shrink by 30 or more. Therefore, 2012 is still a difficult year for the lighting industry, especially in the first half of the year. Domestic competition is intensifying, and the industry will continue to transition from competition in the field to competition in the bowl. The middle and upper reaches of LED will continue to tighten their belts. Most of the LED downstream enterprises are still struggling on the line of confusion. Some enterprises that have found their positions and breakthroughs will live a better life. Product development trend: because the product is always created by the consumer class who has mastered 80 wealth, it is not greatly affected by the economic environment; The real products can only be provided by a few brands, so the competitive pressure is not great. Therefore, the product can still maintain 30-50 growth. Development Trend of mid-end products: due to the influence of the general economic situation, the consumption power of ordinary citizens and small and medium-sized income groups in the city has generally declined. Therefore, the 2011 of mid-end products in lighting and lighting has been hit hard, and the 2012 is still bearish. Therefore, the situation 2012 of mid-range products will be more embarrassing. The development trend of low-end products: focus on the third and fourth market and the rural market. Low-end but better quality lighting products have a good market situation and a large space. For a long time, the main market for energy-saving lamps will be concentrated in rural areas. Due to the acceleration of rural urbanization and the construction of a new countryside in full swing, this class has a huge consumption power. The popular lamps in rural areas will be: energy-saving lamps, ceiling lamps, low-end LED local lighting, traditional crystal lamps and low-voltage crystal lamps. Crystal lamp: due to the improvement of the overall consumption level of the people, the tide of development and investment continues to shift to the central and western regions. The hotel 2012 will be built more and more, and the demand for crystal lamps is strong. The demand for mid-range and low-end crystal lamps in urban and rural areas will also be relatively strong, so the situation of crystal lamps in 2012 will still be better. Especially the low-voltage crystal lamp, as the technology matures, will be deeply loved by a large number of young consumers. Modern lights: the overall trend is that the market for modern lights is still bullish, but consumers will have higher requirements for design and quality. Fashionable and simple modern lamps still belong to high-level people with high taste and tense pace of life, such as the brand types of xinteli and Pinyuan; Elite people who like luxury and romantic decoration will choose brands of Baohui, Qilang, Jinda and oskona; The middle class, elites and white-collar workers who like personalization and artistic atmosphere will choose Micah. These three types of products will become the vane of modern lamp demand. European classical art lights: European lights will become an unpopular category in 2012. Due to the sharp decline in the development of European-style villas, the number of European-style lamps will continue to decrease, but the number of groups affected by the European style is still increasing, so the number of individual groups cannot be underestimated. Engineering is still the major part of European lamp 2012, so we must attach importance to cooperation with designers. The inferior European lamps will lose the market, and the European lamps with excellent workmanship and good taste will gradually be favored by more people. Chinese lights: the share of Chinese lights will rise in moderation. Although wood art lamps are now lackluster and lack of artistic tension, there is a quite small class that likes them, especially the northern consumers. Therefore, the development power should keep up with them. At present, laiyunda and Bolin are good brands; The sheepskin lamp is tepid, and the 2012 of hailing and Shepherd can continue to live relatively moist; Ceramic lamp Jingbo art and Jingde famous kiln are also good. If they are not affected by production capacity, they can do more, so there is more room. Overall home lighting: Although the 2011 of overall home lighting has declined, the whole category has a promising future and should be able to rise in batches in 2012. The current situation in 2011 is not only influenced by the economic environment, but also because many brands are not clearly positioned and the efforts made on products are insufficient; In addition, the channel is floating on the surface, the promotion is weak, and the dealers are weak, so many companies have suffered from Waterloo. In fact, there is no shortage of overall home brands with good performance in 2011, such as Opper, ouhe, Qianpu, Qiantai, etc. , all because of better product or channel positioning. Engineering non-standard lamps: With the start of the project to stimulate domestic demand, engineering lamps will usher in a good momentum of sustainable development in 2012. In particular, government projects, public works and hotel projects will usher in a golden period of development next year. Electrical products: Conceptualization and intelligence are the trend of electrical products in 2012. The current selling points of electrical products, most manufacturers mainly work hard on functions, structures and materials, have been lacking. Therefore, it is important for 2012 manufacturers to work hard on concepts, marketing strategies and intelligent product control. Energy-saving lamps: due to the impact of the ups and downs of rare earths, the 2011 of energy-saving lamps has deepened. The resurgence of halogen powder energy-saving lamps is indeed a major disaster in the industry. 2012 halogen powder energy-saving lamps will be crazy for a while, but this momentum will not last long. Although LED products are developing rapidly at present, it is still impossible to eliminate energy-saving lamps in a short time for at least 2012. Energy-saving lamps with moderate prices and excellent quality are still the 2012 choice for most people. In China's vast rural areas, energy-saving lamp products are even more promising. LED lighting: Although the LED lighting industry seems to have dropped to freezing point this year, it will still grow vigorously next year. Next year, a large number of government projects and public works will use LED products under the leadership of the government. Although there is endless debate, this will be an indisputable fact; The civilian part has also begun to enter the market partially, entering the initial cultivation period, and channel development has become a life and death gate. LED intelligent control is not only a trend in the future, but also an important selling point next year.
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