2 levels 2 and 1 Level 3 standard optical component specifications released

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-21
A few days ago, the standard optical component certification committee newly released the detailed specifications for two levels of two and one level of three standard optical components. It was demonstrated many times by the general expert group of standard light components and approved by the standard light component Accreditation Committee. It is a supplement and improvement to the technical system of LED lighting standard light components. It is reported that the first batch of standard optical component technical specifications totaled 21, mainly covering three parts: packaging devices, light source modules, and lighting modules. Among them, among the first batch of 21 technical specifications, only 2 are suitable for the detailed specifications of the light source module of the lamp tube, and the detailed specifications of the light source module suitable for the downlight are missing. This time, two new light source modules are mainly applicable to downlights. The detailed specifications are jointly drafted by NVC Lighting and Dehao Runda according to their mature technology and high-quality products, it not only enriches and perfects the previous technical specifications, but also helps to improve the overall technical level of the LED industry. The other level of three-standard light component detailed specification is mainly by the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research and Development and Industry Alliance (CSA) Member units nearly more than 30 enterprises jointly drafted, semiconductor lighting joint innovation proposed by the State Key Laboratory, suitable for street lamp tunnel lamp lighting module blank detailed specifications corresponding to one of the detailed specifications, it has strong practicability and guidance for LED enterprises. According to the relevant person in charge of LED lighting standard light components, based on the rapid development of LED lighting technology, the technical system of LED lighting standard light components follows the principle of dynamic update and adopts the working method of selecting the best among the best, extract the market-proven and mature LED technology and the performance and index of the best-selling LED products, and update them dynamically in a timely manner, so as to guide the development of the industry and standardize the LED lighting market.
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