2. 2 billion help Qinghai Province Rural lighting construction

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-21
In order to ensure the construction of beautiful villages in our province, the people in the agricultural and pastoral areas can use high-quality electricity and rest assured electricity. This year, the State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company plans to invest 22. 4. 9 billion yuan to upgrade the rural power grid transformation, and speed up the solution to the problems of low voltage in rural power grids, and solve the lighting problems of farmers in non-electricity areas. It is understood that this year, the Qinghai Electric power department of the State Grid will implement 46 power grid construction and renovation projects of 110 kV and below in 7 cities and 33 counties in the province, and build and transform 14 35 kV substations, new construction and renovation of 10 kV and below line 1834. 85 km. Promote the transformation of the household line and complete 2. Low voltage management in 50 thousand agricultural and pastoral areas. At that time, the problems of power grid neck and low voltage that often occur in rural areas will be effectively improved. The Qinghai Electric power department of the State Grid will standardize the management of the rural network project, improve the standardization level of the rural network, ensure the smooth progress of this popular project, and help the construction of the beautiful countryside in the plateau to flourish, so that the people in the agricultural and pastoral areas of our province can truly use high-quality electricity. At present, on the basis of the completion of the preliminary work, the province's batch and second batch of planned projects will be started before May 30 and June 30 respectively.
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