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Who is responsible for the chaotic solar street lamp market?

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

With the country's strong support for new energy projects in recent years, the solar street light industry has gradually become hot. Many people flock to the solar street lamp market to 'gold outOn the surface, the market is calm and quiet, but undercurrents are surging. These unscrupulous merchants, for the sake of profit, use all means, blindly cut corners and lower quality standards, resulting in such chaos in the solar street light market this year.

Why should I say that? Because I am a salesperson of a solar street light manufacturer, I know the shady and chaos better than everyone. This morning I received an inquiry from a customer. The configuration of the solar street light is: W solar panel, AH lithium battery, meter street light pole. A thick and hot-dip galvanized system! Because this customer was introduced by a friend, so I gave this customer a very reasonable and affordable price, but this customer thinks that our price is very high, he said that the solar energy of this configuration produced in a certain province and place The street lamp only needs RMB (including freight, value-added tax, door-to-door installation fee)! It can be seen that the price is low! But the price of this solar street light is definitely not even enough for the actual production cost of a regular manufacturer. The actual price of this solar street light configuration is far more than yuan. Therefore, merchants who sell at this price simply use these two unconventional methods (false reporting configuration, cutting corners... using .V or .V system voltage solar street lights). Compared with the conventional standard solar street lights, the solar street lights at this price have a greatly reduced effect, the lighting effect is very poor, and the service life is short. The only advantage may be that its price is very cheap.

Now these unscrupulous merchants blindly sell at low prices and cut corners, causing the entire solar street light market to be chaotic. Many customers do not understand the basic knowledge of solar street lights and are eager to be cheap. Therefore, the market is full of these low-cost solar street lights. This kind of solar street lights has a short service life, which has led to a worsening reputation in the entire solar street light industry. For solar street lamp manufacturers pursuing product quality, today's products are becoming more and more difficult to sell, but the sales of these small workshop leather bag companies are getting higher and higher.

But the market will eventually return to normal. Over time, these low-cost solar street lights will eventually expose many problems, and eventually consumers will return to their senses. Those small workshop-style manufacturers will eventually be eliminated by the market. The chaos in the solar street lamp market will eventually accelerate their demise. The market has always belonged to the regular solar street lamp manufacturers who are serious about making products.

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