Which street light product more suitable for rural? Dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
According to the understanding of solar led street lamp manufacturers, street lamp products today have become very popular in the national scope, the remote rural areas are no exception, of course, but in order to make the rural road lighting more energy efficient, so have to choose a suitable street light products, so what kind of street lamp product is most suitable for rural roads? Lighting speak you listen to. Rural construction by the largest street lamp light source selection installed in the application of two kinds of light source one is using the grid lamp, another is the solar led street light. Mains led street light compared with the traditional energy-saving lamps is more low energy consumption, and long service life, general rural installed power 30 w to 60 w street light can meet the demand of lighting. While installing solar led street lamp does not need to consume the utility, only make system configuration according to user needs can guarantee the stability of long road lighting. Two kinds of light source is 1. Early solar led street lamp installation costs the lowest average price in 2000, but due to the solar led street lamp later need not consume any energy, so the cost of solar led street lamp is able to quickly in a short span of a few years back. 2. Mains led street light price lower but need to consume energy in the process of application need to pay a certain amount of electricity. So from the point of view of life, the adoption of lamp beads are therefore both in terms of the service life of the light source lamp gap is not big. But solar led street lamp can recover the cost in a short time, and use the longer the more cost is saved, by the use of lies in the countryside, compared with the mains led street lamp is more appropriate. For now the rural road lighting engineering, can choose the suitable road street lamp lighting products is the most important thing, from street lamps in the rural street lamp light source when the choice was conducted considering the installation cost, service life and so good lamp installation to guarantee rural implementation. The above provided by lighting.
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