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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Now the development of new rural construction process is becoming more and more good, for the construction of rural roads, many places are now choose rural solar street lights, for the current rural economic development, is not so and prosperity of the city, the rural solar street lamp installation is very economical, but also because the countryside is to install solar street lamps have a advantage is simple, so now a lot of rural installing a street lamp, are looking for local villagers in their installation. In this case, the local roads installation will be able to save a labor cost, although say solar street lamp installation is very simple, but we pay attention to a few items in their installation. First is very important is to know that there are a few parts, solar street lamps if no installation configuration points clear, so during the installation process is very troublesome, such as installation of about the same, only to find that there is some accessories not installed, that is about to re-install, it is a waste of time, affect the progress of the project. As well as during the installation process, for rural solar street light configuration to should take put down gently, especially the surface of the solar panel is glass, if broken, there is no way to absorb the sun's rays of lighting, if again bought a piece of solar panel again, prices are to be of a few hundred, so for the configuration not fell or was the firm pressure. The last is to install solid rural solar road lights, or if the wind blows will pour down, there is a big security hidden danger, pedestrians and vehicles safety not guaranteed.
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