The promotion of efficient lighting nationwide began in June

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-21
This year's national energy conservation publicity week began on June 8. Promoting efficient lighting products is one of the publicity priorities. The financial subsidy launched 6 years ago promoted the work of high-efficiency lighting products, and promoted the promotion of high-efficiency lighting products. More than 0. 8 billion, can save 32 billion kWh of electricity per year, reduce carbon dioxide by 32 million tons, and achieve good results of saving electricity and saving money. Today, the promotion of financial subsidies is nearing completion. China phase out incandescent lamps and accelerate the promotion of energy-saving lamps Project Office (Green Photo Project Office) Deputy director Lu Fang said that it has reached a critical period to consolidate the promotion results and continue to advance. The promotion of high-efficiency lighting products by the people's heart project is one of the important energy-saving projects in the implementation of green lighting projects in China. Liu Shengping, chairman of the China Lighting Appliances Association, said that in the early promotion, the progress was not ideal. Most of them are used for export, and the domestic market can hardly see good high-efficiency lighting products, which is the government's guidance and central financial subsidies. On December 2007, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the Interim Measures for the administration of financial subsidy funds for the promotion of high-efficiency lighting products, and made it clear that the central government should set up special funds, promote efficient lighting products to replace incandescent lamps and other inefficient lighting products in use. Among them, for each high-efficiency lighting product of the bulk users, the central government subsidizes 30 of the supply price of the winning bid agreement, while the urban and rural residents are subsidized by 50. In 2009, in order to explore the promotion mechanism of high-efficiency lighting products in small and medium-sized cities and rural areas, the green lighting project office has successively carried out donation and promotion activities of high-efficiency lighting products in 27 regions across the country, with a total of 2587557 products donated, covering 22 provinces (City, autonomous region)More than 2. 4 million people. Practice has shown that the fiscal subsidy promotion policy has not only become a popular project for domestic residents to save electricity and save money, but also for social energy conservation and emission reduction to expand domestic demand. It is also a internationally recognized highlight project. Remarkable results according to the survey data of China's lighting market conducted by the green lighting project office for 5 consecutive years, the market share of high-efficiency lighting products is increasing year by year, reaching 80 in 2012. Lu Fang said that high-efficiency lighting products with good quality and moderate price are gradually becoming the mainstream. In the life cycle, these high-efficiency lighting products have a total power saving of about 66 billion kWh. Liu Shengping said that by 0. According to the electricity charge calculation of 5 yuan/kWh, the central government subsidy can save 13 Yuan's money by saving about 26 KW kWh of electricity for every 1 yuan invested, electricity alone saved about 33. 3 billion yuan for ordinary people and bulk users. Through public bidding, while the sales price of products is reduced, the state also puts forward more standardized requirements for a series of technical indexes such as product light efficiency, service life and color rendering. Chen Song of China Quality Certification Center stressed that mercury content is especially stricter. Most of the mercury content standards in high-efficiency lighting products promoted by financial subsidies are 2. 53. Between 5 mg, far lower than the international standard of 5 mg. More importantly, these products use solid mercury instead of discarded liquid mercury. Continue to promote at present, the promotion of financial subsidies for high-efficiency lighting products is coming to an end, but in the market of high-efficiency lighting products in small cities and rural areas, there is still much room for popularization and the road to development is difficult. Liu Shengping said that the promotion of high-efficiency lighting products can continue, and the key should be energy saving, money saving, and environmental protection. This is its core goal. It is understood that the industry and ordinary people are highly motivated to promote high-efficiency lighting products, and they urgently demand to continue to implement the subsidy policy. However, how to make up and how much to make up, at present, the relevant state departments are still studying and formulating. Lack of standards, imperfect market promotion mechanism and strengthening of supervision are still the main problems facing the lighting industry. Lu Fang said that the promotion of high-efficiency lighting products will be more scientific and perfect in the future, and will continue to promote its rapid development on the basis of effectively consolidating existing achievements.
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