The cause of the appeal to solar street lamps use dynamic | | industry lighting: the rural solar led street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
Solar street light is currently the most popular new environmental protection and energy saving lamps, it is not power also install easy to use and is deep broad consumer acceptance and use, and now is in the construction of various designs city-lighting will use solar street light, the government also attach great importance to the use of it for the money for supporting the promotion, for the implementation of solar street lamps to different lighting needs, gradually replace the traditional use of street lamp. Traditional street lamps are generally of incandescent lamp, electrodeless lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp and so on such a light source, the use of these light sources may be have their own advantages, it is good for example electrodeless lamp can make the road to reach very good uniformity, but we still will eliminate their use, mainly because of their service life is not long, and there is some harmful mercury element object, there is a lot of harm to the health of human body, LED solar street lamps use effect is good enough. Absorb the solar energy light solar street lamps use cash technology as the power, the more reliable, even if it is rainy day can also ensure the power supply, avoid a lot of unexpected situation, will be lost, unlike conventional streetlights, once they meet the condition of the electricity power brownouts couldn't light, there is a certain security hidden danger, the solar energy street light accepted to use.
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