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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
The development of solar street lamps, says its slow development, it has been a lot of city roads have been installed; But when solar street lamps development soon, its application scope and does not cover the country every city road and the new rural construction. Solar street lamps only so the cause of the development of fast and slow, at the end of the day or the market mechanism is not perfect, but strong and popularization of the country, and the vast number of manufacturers to produce solar street lamps product quality closes nevertheless. Market mechanism is imperfect in solar street lamps, the actual installation of solar street lamps most units through the use of solar energy street light manufacturer qualification for bidding, due to the condition of the construction and main body qualification units have not, and to the construction units have no corresponding evaluation system, makes the construction units have very big loophole that production qualification of small businesses can also bid that is to say, this is not conducive to the development of solar street light. There is, though with the country's economic development, local governments are the response to the call of energy conservation and emissions reduction, to promote the use of solar energy street lamp, but without the subsidies, is also difficult to push. Another reason is the solar street lamps factory to produce the product quality is not high, the vast number of manufacturers in order to lower prices to attract customers, willing to purchase inferior raw materials assembling solar street lights, solar battery is important to the solar street light system capacity can not meet the requirements, lead to life cut short solar street lamps, also let the consumer to the installation of solar street light is in a state of want to use but did not dare to use. This information is provided by lighting exclusive and source from http://www. jhzm88. com
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