Solar street lamps when the choose and buy must be alert to some issue

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Solar street light is a kind of energy conservation and environmental protection, safe and reliable lighting products, it as an important lighting designs city-lighting, government is very concerned about. But although, much attention has been paid to the solar street light in the market, also will appear all sorts of problems. So when the choose and buy solar street lights, it must be alert to the following problems a configuration qi led solar street light industry is very popular at present, the pressure of competition is very big, it is because of this, a lot of solar street lamps factory in order to be able to get more orders and profits, in empty mark the product parameters, so that make customers feel their products have advantages, so as to attract more to come. Second, street lamp light distribution system design is not reasonable mix a few small solar street lamps factory is not very professional, in the aspect of street lamp light distribution design is not reasonable, easy to cause & other; The light black & throughout; 、“ Uneven illumination throughout the &; And & other Yellow circle & throughout; , and so on and so forth. The optical design is unreasonable, lighting effect is not ideal. Three heat poorly designed solar street light heat dissipation is very important, there are some manufacturers have a unreasonable design in terms of thermal design, lead to solar street light heat dissipation effect is not good. If street light heat dissipation effect is not good, can make the lamps and lanterns is aging, will also affect the appearance and service life of the lamp. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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