Solar street lamps manufacturer channels is an important topic how to do

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-14
Although solar lighting development soon, but in general, the size is limited. So, how to use limited scale, create unlimited value? I think it's fine to do do only, for solar street lamps factory, channel is bigger and stronger. However, for small solar street lamp manufacturers, how to do channel is a major issue. I think, is the practice of channels, there are regular army, a guerrilla warfare, and the base type. Regular army is big troops, comprehensive carpet; Guerrilla warfare is small men harassed, hit a shot in a place; Base is a place where a place to work, do a local roots in one place. For small solar street lamp manufacturers, is the most suitable base type of channel operation. This is one of the new features of development of solar street lamps factory, is suitable for market changes, the new era of solar street lamps, starting from the chip, the encapsulation, the electrical contractor, to the brand, era has its own characteristics. Grasp these characteristics, solar street lamps wholesale manufacturers can better understand the nature of the LED. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call the hotline
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