Solar street lamps light still can use and night

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
Along with the continuous renewal of urban outdoor street light, its appeared on the market a number of solar street lights, electricity generation by using solar lighting, currently one of the leading enterprises in the industry of solar energy street lamp, not only to replace the traditional sodium lamp and normal mains street lamp. Solar street lamps with stable quality, high light efficiency, avoid arrows, zero electricity, mostly in the zero management advantages, its remarkable characteristics, without the restrictions of rainy day, 365 days of rain or shine, and night light. Human energy needed for the vast majority of radiation from the sun directly or indirectly, the development of solar energy technology, is based on the flow within the limited space the use of energy use, LED solar street lamp, after years of research, mature technology, stable product quality, superior performance, is recognized by many customers good products. Solar lighting lamps import the whole lamp matching high-performance photovoltaic panels, highlighting the LED light source, energy storage batteries and other high quality raw material production and become, reflective mixed light source USES the secondary light distribution principle, make the LED luminous efficiency preferred state, working current is small, low temperature rise, 3 years 0 droop, long service life and low voltage power supply more secure. Significant characteristics of solar street lamps, light power supply scheme for the whole lamp adopted, 365 - day and night light, still, rain or shine saturation in the battery case, street light center illuminance & ge; 30LUX; Optional installation, installation of lamps and lanterns, no special direction Angle requirement can be paperback, installation Angle suggest 5 - level 25° Between adjustment. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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