Solar led street lamp installation will be set according to the geographical location configuration

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
Many people are worried about solar led street lamp can not light every day, because the solar led street lamp is mainly depend on the sun charging lighting, and we are all the year round is not every day is sunny, so hard to avoid can have these worries. Although solar led street lamp used depend on solar energy, but not necessarily will have sunshine everyday to lighting. The solar street lights before leaving the factory, the company's technical staff will according to the installation of led solar street light location parameter to set a sustainable rainy day. If the region is longer than the rainy season, rain days is more, the corresponding increase the capacity of the battery, in order to increase capacity and extend the solar street lamp lighting time in rainy weather. Solar street lamp, of course, the various parts of configuration is higher, the higher the price of solar street lamps. Therefore, manufacturers in the development of all kinds of solar led road lighting products to specific analysis. Late after the line installed pays a return visit at the same time, to look at the concrete actual situation and solar street lamps lighting problem, according to the solar energy technology research and development of the corresponding solar led street lamp new products, rather than blindly doesn't fit the development and the technical level of street lamp products. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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