Solar LED street lamp advantage of various reflect dynamic | | industry lighting: the rural solar LED street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
Solar LED street lamp is the combination of solar energy and LED light source, the combination of the two is to improve the outdoor lamp energy saving and environmental protection, make the service life of the solar LED street lamp and environmental security can be very good guarantee, the combination of solar energy and LED light source used the advantage is very much, can go to embody its advantage from multiple aspects. Solar LED street lamp intelligent control, constant current drive, power can complete intelligent control according to the demand. Combined with the traditional power supply converter, MCU to complete the integration of high power LED light source control light-control + + active power control, and even can be automatically adjusted light; Bad glare and light pollution, LED light source shine Angle can be according to the demand planning, can be dramatically reduced glare and light pollution, but also greatly improve the effective utilization of solar lights. Solar LED street lamp low voltage operation and not like general street lamp black chimney caused by high pressure adsorption dust, safe and reliable. Low operating temperature, cold light, LED light source to heat dissipation, the operation temperature is lower than 60 degrees, will not lead to aging yellow lampshade. High luminous efficiency. The LED light under the existing conditions of efficiency is 80 - 100lm/w。
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