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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
People in city lighting lamps, in addition to the requirements with environmental protection, pay more attention to the safety of the street lamp, stability, maintenance and use of economy, the scenery complementary street light after these years of technological innovation, develop its the biggest advantage of, and gradually to adapt to the demand of the market development. Scenery complementary street light has a good feature in scenery complementary street lamp installed daily maintenance is relatively reduced, benefit to decrease the maintenance cost of scenery complementary street lamp. Scenery complementary street lamp not only has good stability, and general factory can provide 3 years maintenance support, greatly saves the cost of daily maintenance, furthermore is scenery complementary street lamp cost is also reduced. Scenery complementary street lamp appearance beautiful sex is, you must have to consider the structure rationality as well as the coordination with circumstances, as well as the optimal design of a detailed and scientific, reasonably determine the street lamp battery components, battery capacity and the size of the load power, to ensure the system of scenery complementary street lamp lights work stably and reliably. Scenery complementary street lamp is, as it were, set light, electricity, machinery, control technology into an organic whole, often combined with the beauty of the surroundings, the use of it to satisfy the people to the requirement of city street lamp lighting, and it can achieve the best economic benefit, so this is scenery complementary street lamp can be the cause of the high-profile. This information is provided by lighting and source from http://www. jhzm88. com
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