Scenery complementary street lamp installation the benefits of dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
In order to compare the scenery complementary street lamp installation will use more than conventional lamp installation can bring what kind of benefits, some special measurement, installation of 400 w conventional street lamp use down one year, it consumes power is more than 10000 degrees, 10000 degrees of electricity need to consume about 400 kilograms, coal and coal can produce how much carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, believe that there is no calculation is also know how big the number is. A 150 w to 400 w street lamp lighting effect of the conventional scenery complementary street lamps, and use of a year is vastly different conventional street lamp. Scenery complementary street lamps use is renewable energy into electrical energy use, solar and wind energy both renewable energy is a green energy, the environment has a clean function, since the use of renewable energy, that do not need to burn coal, also won't produce any harmful gas, still can save about KWH. Not the use of coal consumption, and can save millions of degrees, this means that the scenery complementary street lamp installation can save a lot of cost, also can alleviate the crisis of global warming, no more electricity, install it the benefits is really big, use more.
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