Rural solar street light price and configuration scheme of relationship between dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
Because now there is no industry standards and national standards in the market, led to many rural equipped with solar street lamps light source size is not normative foundation, so we in the choice of rural solar street light, is need according to the actual requirements of the local configuration, but not because of how much you need to how much you configure system, rural solar street lamp, after all, the price is has a lot to do with configuration scheme. Solar street lamps country like ordinary street lamp, it's just a matter of a light source. An ordinary street lamp to replace 18 w illuminant with 100 w illuminant, it is the cost of the overall difference is not particularly high; But for rural solar street light is different, because the whole cost will be multiplied. Because the countryside is a set of system street lamp, solar street lamps every parts is will change with the changes corresponding to the number, the same cost is also changing. So rural solar street light price into consideration, we for its configuration scheme is guided and practical principles. Install street lamp in the rural areas, the general need of lighting demand is not high, the most commonly used is to have two kinds of configuration scheme, 5 meters 20 w rural and 6 meters 30 w solar street lamps, their light 3 - even in the rainy day can continue 5 days.
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