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Price Trend Analysis of LED bulbs

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-05
DIGITIMESResearch sells LED bulbs of 40W and 60W incandescent lamps in major markets for major brands ( Hereinafter referred to as 40W or 60W grade LED bulbs) The price is investigated to understand the current LED bulb price trend, and the LED bulb price obtained by calculating the average price without considering the sales weight. In Asia, the average price of 40W and 60W grade LED bulbs in Japan in October was 1,717 yen (About $18), 2,468 yen (About 25. $35), All lower than September 3. 2, 3. 7. Hitachi's average price fell by 13. 4. The average price of 40W and 60W in the South Korean market is 15,157 won (About 14. $3), 15,685 won (About 14. $8), Respectively, compared with September increased by 3. 1 and 5. The average price of 7W and 9W brands in mainland China is RMB 43. 8 yuan (About 7. $2)55. 4 yuan, up 1 from September respectively. 8, down 0. 4; The high prices of 7W and 9W first-line brands are RMB 73 of NVC Lighting respectively. 8 yuan and Tsinghua Tongfang's RMB 69 yuan. In the European and American markets, the average price of 40W and 60 w led bulbs in the United States in October was 21. 4 US dollars and 24 US dollars, respectively, increased by 1. From September. 9 and down 10. 1; The average price of 40W and 60W grade LED bulbs in Europe is 14 euros (About 19. $3)17. 6 euros (About 24. $2) , 40W and 60W prices fell 3. Respectively from September. 4, 0. 6. On October 4, brands with high price lumens per unit of 0W and 60W grades were lejin 77 in the US market respectively. 6lm/US dollar, and Samsung's 72. 7lm/USD; In addition, the average luminous efficiency of 40W and 60W grades is 75. 6lm/W and Toshiba 92. 5lm/W.
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