Optimal design of solar street light integration ability

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Existing solar street light compared to the cost of the product on the market the same efficacy of ordinary street lamp to common high thousands of yuan, which makes the solar street lamps in the intense market competition at a disadvantage. So through to the optimization design of solar street lights, by the fusion of all kinds of high-end technology, make its integration capabilities, not only can improve the ability of solar street lighting, also can reduce the optional power of the solar panel and battery matching capacity, so as to greatly reduce the full cost of street lamp. Led solar street light system is a combination of control and electric control a variety of ways, able to control light through, when necessary to also can be adjusted by electric design of street lamp lighting time, to meet the season lit time different conditions, and at the same time also can meet the special needs. Solar street lamps use of optical, acoustic control technology such as the cost of hardware and the solar energy is trivial compared main parts, mainly depends on the software design, has the night power-saving mode functions of street lamp is quite and saved for lighting time, which can rely on shorter duration lights to choose low power battery and solar panels, save the cost of buying hardware; Outdoor solar street lights lit the lamp can be done through software accurate light up with the time, in order to do really only when it gets dark, light lamp, the morning when the lights out. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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