Lithium battery solar street lamps have different advantages

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
Lithium battery solar street lamps used for solar street lamps system software, with average colloidal solution too can battery street lamp has the advantages of no. Lithium battery of solar street lamps system software generally choose charging and discharging lithium electricity and panel integrated structure, is this kind of predictability, environmental friendly energy storage technology rechargeable battery system software. Lithium battery of solar street light is a kind of lithium metal or lithium aluminium alloy for battery cathode material, using nonaqueous electrolyte solution of rechargeable batteries, phase relative to the commonly used colloidal solution of led solar street light storage pool, lithium batteries more environmental protection, light weight, long life might be better, but the lithium battery solar street lamps will be slightly higher price. Lithium battery can also according to customer needs, solar street lamps for li-ion battery remaining capacity, day and night time, weather conditions and other elements of integration increases carry forward, reasonable and effective allocation of electricity class, and finish this photo, the control and storage memory, and other functions, can guarantee the integration of solar street light system software system Settings.
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