LED street lamp industry exist some 'criticism'

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
Thanks to the street lamp to replace the rise of the tide, LED street lamp market usher in a new impetus of development. After recent years of technology development and application, everyone began to gradually accepted and recognized the LED street light products. According to the survey, at present many provinces in the new road projects on the LED street light utilization rate more than 90% while nowadays LED street lamp market has grown, use more and more popular, but there are also some & other; Criticized & throughout; 。 For example, many LED lights factory is generally believed that the LED street lamp market has been all & other; Do bad & throughout; , product quality is uneven, not form a unified standard, cause the overall outdoor LED lights market chaos. With low technical barriers to entry on the one hand, the LED street lamp, fierce competition leads to some undesirable businessman big price war. LED lights market dividend gradually disappear, on the other hand, some vendors are not in a timely manner to the market change, change to update and improve the product demand, didn't do follow up in cost control, the products have different fire, lead to market confusion. Can't keep up with the pace of market demand, such as product quality, as well as the market is done & other; Bad & throughout; One of the important factors. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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