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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
Solar garden light is mainly the use of solar energy to work, that is to say when the day the sun on the solar cell, convert light energy into electrical energy storage in the battery, again by battery for garden lamp light source to provide power at night. Therefore, solar garden light illumination without it the parts work together, if any parts damage will affect the lighting effect, serious word will reduce its service life. Known solar panels is the core part of solar power generation system, is also the most valuable parts in the solar system. Its purpose is to convert the sun's radiation well ability to electrical energy, or sent to its subsistence in the battery, or promote work load. Solar battery is an important part of the whole system, it is energy saving, by the energy transfer it to the light source of lighting. And solar controller as control of the entire system, can work time of the solar garden light and battery over charging protection, over discharge protection effect. Solar panels, battery, solar power controller are all independent components, but also be short of one cannot. Solar garden light can again for city lights at night, is to rely on these solar systems work together, this requires them to be of better quality, if the material is bad or the battery capacity is insufficient, may damage the solar garden light. This information is provided by lighting exclusive and source from http://www. jhzm88. com
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