LED lights factory development need to choose a new direction

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
LED street lamp manufacturers become more and more bad now, because the material cost, the increased cost of personnel, etc. , and middlemen to disrupt the market price, causing manufacturers cost can't make profit, so out of the generation process of traditional way, choose a new direction, that is a new innovation street lamp modelling, keep up with the urbanization path, or the process be more exquisite, the generation of processing route for more thorough, do OEM processing. The integration of the latest LED lights have been gradually unfold, modelling is outdoor LED lights change, add something more science and technology, the combination of higher request to process, is a work of art, so both innovation and the pursuit of process, are in such a large cost increase environment, improve profit space, can let the factory to survive. Now a lot of LED street lamp manufacturers in product specifications and the lack of a unified technical standard, has not unified standard of LED street lamp production technology, each manufacturer according to the standard production of their own products, each other is difficult to gm, in addition the lamps and lanterns of LED street lamp manufacturers, self-sustaining, light electrical assembly and lamps and lanterns tied together, the work of their different features is difficult to maintain, maintenance must be used when the original product. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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