LED industry has entered the fast lane of development, and application expansion is expected to welc

LED industry has entered the 'fast lane' of development, and application expansion is expected to welcome the outbreak

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-21
With the promotion of the National Semiconductor Lighting project plan, China's LED industry has developed rapidly. Since 2017, the LED display industry has emerged many new meteorological small-pitch LED screen markets. The stage rental screen has returned to temperature. The LED transparent screen application market has opened the door to market segments, sweep away the haze of homogenization competition in the past and inject new vitality into the industry. From the perspective, the LED industry is in a period of steady development. At present, the LED industry can be divided into four major regions. First, Europe and the United States, with general lighting as the main direction of attack, the product features high reliability and high brightness. Second, in Japan, both general lighting and backlight display technology, and both general lighting, cars, mobile phones and televisions. Third, Taiwan and South Korea, with backlight display as the main line, including mobile phones, TV, computer backlight, large shipments but low gross profit margin. The fourth is mainland China, whose main businesses are outdoor display screens, advertising screens, lighting lamps and other fields. The LED market maintains a rapid growth trend. The main growth comes from the explosive growth of indoor general lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, backlight and outdoor LED large screen. In the next 3- In the past 5 years, with the maturity of technology and the decline of cost, the market penetration rate of LED in the field of general lighting will further increase, moreover, the continued expansion of applications such as automobile lighting and small-pitch LED display screens is expected to usher in a new round of outbreak in the LED industry. According to the 'analysis report on market outlook and investment strategic planning of LED industry' released by the prospective Industry Research Institute, the penetration rate of LED lighting in 2016 is around 31, it is estimated that the LED lighting market will reach 40. 4 billion US dollars in 2017, with a penetration rate of 37 and an estimated 2017- The compound annual growth rate of LED lighting in 2021 was 12. LED lighting market scale data
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