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Inspiration from LED products selling well in North Korea

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-20
On Middle July, under the scorching sun, a piece of information about North Koreans snapping up LED ball bulbs made in China brought a little cool comfort to colleagues in the lighting industry. The report pointed out that more and more North Koreans have snapped up Chinese-made LED bulb lamps recently. Although LED bulb lamps are expensive, compared with traditional incandescent lamps, LED lamps have remarkable energy-saving effects, which is undoubtedly a good choice for a country with a serious shortage of electricity. Therefore, the general Korean people are willing to choose LED bulb lamps with high price but normal lighting under low voltage. In addition to the joy brought by this news, the author also thinks about some enlightenment to China's LED market. First, LED development trend, we know that a product is just a rich man said that it is not good, when the ordinary people say it is really good. Therefore, when we see that the Korean people with low consumption power are snapping up LED bulbs, we know that LED has been suitable for both rich and poor, which also confirms that LED is indeed in the development trend of lighting products. Such a trend is not uncommon in the Chinese market. The author visited a lighting shop in Nanjing Yinqiao Market. When asked about the light sources of various home lighting, the boss told the author that they are all LED now. In the Osram lighting store in Nanjing xinheyuan decoration city, the proprietress also told the author that when customers buy Engineering spotlights, they also use LED light sources. The author also contacted Philips lighting factory in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, and learned that the factory has stopped production twice since the beginning of this spring because Philips factory in Yangzhou mainly produces fluorescent lamps, the demand in the market has become LED. Therefore, the lighting market must belong to LED. Second, the price of LED is not a problem. On the issue of replacing traditional lighting with LED, what worries us is that its price is generally on the high side. The price of domestic mainstream LED small wattage bulbs is 15 yuan- Between 20 yuan, energy-saving lamps with the same wattage as it only sell for 5- 10 yuan, the price is also an important reason why LED is not popularized in China. But this problem is not without North Korea. It is understood that the price of ordinary incandescent lamps in North Korea is 3 yuan RMB, while the price of LED is above 10 yuan, but the disparity in price has not hindered the enthusiasm of the Korean people to snap up. North Korea is a country short of resources. Its power resources have always been in a shortage stage, and even 70 of the electricity required by users cannot be met. LED has great energy-saving advantages, even if its price is not low, it is still a hot product. In recent years, LED products in the Chinese market have been constantly breaking through price barriers, constantly innovating in technology and lowering prices. On Taobao, A cheap 3 w led ball bulb costs only about 2 yuan. It is not ruled out that this is a price war played by merchants or causes people to worry about quality, but the promotion of these LED Huimin prices is also paving the way for comprehensive popularization, combined with the upcoming LED policy subsidies from the state, the price problem will be solved. Third, LED is an energy-saving artifact. The reason why LED is selling well in North Korea is that North Korea is short of electricity and cannot provide 220V voltage required for general household appliances, but LED lamps can normally illuminate under low voltage conditions. According to relevant sources, during the peak period of power consumption in midsummer, the voltage of ordinary households in North Korea is only 170 V, which is as low as 100V in winter. Incandescent lamps are difficult to provide normal lighting at voltages below 220 V, while LED lamps are different. Even if the voltage is below 70 V, they can still meet normal lighting. Today, all countries in the world are following the path of resource-saving development. China has always been a big country in energy consumption. In 2005, it passed the 'Renewable Energy Law of the People's Republic of China'. Under the guidance of this active policy, china's economic construction is also constantly developing around the principles of energy conservation, emission reduction and resource utilization. LED is a product produced in such an energy-saving and environment-friendly environment. It is a well-deserved product in terms of power resource saving performance. As an energy-saving artifact, the Korean people have already tasted its benefits, and the time when the domestic people are enthusiastic about LED is just around the corner.
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