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In 2014, the prosperity of LED industry continued to rise

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-26
The LED plate rose sharply on Monday. Industry insiders said that they are firmly optimistic about the LED industry and the prosperity trend of the LED industry is clear. Recently, the Shenzhen LED industry federation revealed at the general meeting that Shenzhen will fully promote LED lighting this year, and the government will install all new lighting fixtures in new public buildings. Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, United Front Work Department long bed si ping attend the meeting. According to the person in charge of Shenzhen LED Industry Federation, since the Guangdong provincial government issued the 'implementation plan for promoting the application of LED lighting products in Guangdong province' in 2012, all urban areas in the province have actively promoted the application of LED lighting products. According to statistics, there were 1321 bids in 2013, totaling 3. 42 million. Up to now, nine cities in the Pearl River Delta have basically completed the task of street lamp renovation, of which Shenzhen is in the forefront of the province's promotion and application of LED lighting products, and has now completed more than 90 tasks. An anonymous brokerage researcher believes that the prosperity of the LED sector remains unchanged, and the callback provides an opportunity to intervene. This round of LED boom cycle is expected to last for 3 years. At present, it is in the initial stage of high-speed growth of LED lighting penetration rate from less than 20 to 50, and the industry boom trend is clear. However, the price elasticity is still there, the product upgrading trend is clear, and the profit and market value space is still large. Industry sources pointed out that 2013- 2016 is the golden development period of LED lighting. The penetration rate will increase from 20 to about 45. It is a rare industry with fast growth and high certainty.
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