How you can Deal With The Typical Failures of

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
Solar LED lawn light common faults often might be two types. One is high impedance fault; another is low resistance faults. The so-called high impedance fault happens when the cable is blown, instrument measuring resistance is large, or appear white or insulation deterioration, but there can be a certain degree of resistance;-called low-impedance fault, that wires are shorted or shorted to ground completely, present increases, power transmission occurs tripping.
These two faults and their frequent appearance pose a menace to the use with the device. Therefore, have to pay full attention, identify the causes and countermeasures.
Firstly, cable trench deep enough, sanding is not in line with the standard cover brick for construction; Second aisle pipe fabrication and installation does not satisfy the requirements, the standard does not make ends loudspeaker mouth; Third pavement cable dragged on the ground; fourth primarily based embedded tube is not according to regular requirements of the construction, mainly embedded pipe too small, plus a bend, when the cable is very tricky to wear, the base at the bottom of a 'dead corner' situation; five is the line the nose crimp and insulation wrapped thick enough, after a long run it will phase short routine.
The low quality of materials furthermore a big step. Main manifestations are: less aluminum wire, the wire is relatively hard, thin insulating material. This situation is tend to be more in recent quite a few years.
Solar LED lawn light cables will be laid on saving money belt. Especially the particular alpine zone in Northeast China, the onset of winter, the cable along with the soil to form a whole, the soil once the settlement, it will be pulled in the underside of solar LED lawn light basis, while in summer time rain for an extended time, will have the basic roots blown.
On the one hand, with the continuous development of urban construction, solar LED lawn light has also been extended, the new solar LED lawn light from in which the solar LED lawn light often close, they received a loop which, coupled with advertising business has developed rapidly in recent years, ad loads are also connected to the solar LED lawn light accordingly light, so how the load is too big solar LED lawn light, cable overheating, overheating nose wire, insulation decreased, irrespective of how shorted to ground, etc.; the other hand, the poles designed only consider their own situation, ignoring the cable head space cable head wrapped after a good, mostly even the doors are not shut, sometimes the cable length isn't enough, the joint production does not meet the requirements, which is due to failure factor.
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