Guangzhou solar garden light easy to the cause of the malfunction dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Many consumers to our purchasing solar garden light, guangzhou will be big beefing to us, is the solar garden light before they purchase without a period of time will malfunction, light is not solar controller is damaged, a period of time will be repaired, later maintenance costs are more than guangzhou solar garden light price, take the number of times it'll upset to again to purchase another batch, we heard more than once for such a customer said. Guangzhou solar garden light what are prone to the cause of the failure? Solar garden light failure cause guangzhou material which is the main reason why it doesn't pass, material quality is very low, and the need of solar system wattage insufficiency, amounted to less than it needs to lighting time; Followed by guangzhou solar hear the overall design is not reasonable, on the one hand is due to the overload operation, and on the other hand is a joint production does not conform to the requirements, this is the problem is the main factor causing solar garden light fault; There is a poor quality of solar garden light is guangzhou construction, during the installation process may be a wrong line, or coefficient of no good design, because the construction quality caused by the fault is also accounted for a larger proportion.
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